Top 5 Reasons Why WordPress is so Popular ?

Basically WordPress is a free platform, initially developed to build blogs but nowadays is used as a content management system for many websites. A large number of developers are choosing WordPress as a solution when setting up their website. Did you perceive advantages of the platform the? Advantages however are not always correctly understood therefore the main goal of this article is to present all the advantages or you can call them as a pros of the website building using WordPress. In this article, I’m gonna be talking about the top 5 reasons why WordPress is so popular.

1. Open source Software
WordPress is open source software. Now many programmers share their code online which results in ability of users to save development time and cost by using the existing code and WordPress it’s having all the code as an open source and that is number one reason why you want to really get started with the WordPress.

2. Convenient
It’s convenient to use. The WordPress is made for majority of the market, so that the admin interface is convenient and friendly towards non-professionals or non tech guys. WordPress is a simple system to operate ,the webmasters hardly need to spend any time to learn the system before he or she can begin with working on the website or editing some contents on the website. Now in addition to the system is super simple, the system is actually super system to install.

3.Fast Construction
One of the main advantage of building a website with the WordPress is the ability to be elite to be easily installed on the hosting server so that webmaster can start within no time and within a quick short span of time he can start building a WordPress website.

4. Pricing
I know, we have talked about the WordPress is an open source but WordPress development is actually very more cheaper than if you want to design a website using full stabbed full stack technologies like nodejs or PR ASP. It’s much more cheaper than that. Also there are hundreds and hundreds of developers out there on the websites like freelancer who are ready to make your project and make it live.

5. Plugins
It is the best elements in the WordPress. If you need a video support there is a plugin, if you need a live chat there is a plugin, if you need a map there is a plugin for that. So, WordPress comes up with thousands and thousands of plug-in that can do a lot of job for you. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of WordPress but there are some security issues that you have to take care on the WordPress itself.

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