How To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly ?

Do you run a business? If you do, do me a quick favor get your mobile phone out and check your website, whether you website is mobile friendly or not. A mobile-friendly website, it’s the basic price eventually these days for any business large or small. So, in this article, I’m going to explain the different options for building a mobile-friendly website that you can be proud of. I’m going to explain what having a mobile website is no longer an optional or a nice to have I’ll show you how to check if your website is mobile-friendly or not. I’ll show you the best options for building a mobile-friendly website and I will give you my recommendation for building a fantastic-looking mobile-friendly website that won’t break the bank. Does that sound like a plan ? Let’s get started.

I’ve worked with lots of businesses of all sizes. I’ve helped many of them get their websites mobile so first up let’s address one fundamental question, why bother?  well there’s only one answer to that – demand. It’s true that more people access the web these days via mobile devices like tablets and phones than via traditional devices like desktops and laptops and that trend is only going to increase in a nutshell. Mobile is the future of the web. Google knows this and that’s why they’re starting to penalize non-mobile websites. So really consider this point, mobile isn’t just the future it’s the here and now so you need to get on board. So let’s check if your website is mobile friendly or not. The asset test is just to check it on a mobile or tablet and see how it looks but what’s really important is to check how Google views your site.

Use your mobile website builder like the one that picker web offers. This is a low cost option just a few quid a month. You get an easy-to-use website builder and you can create pages add your logo add your content and publish it side by side with your existing website. If someone browses your website with a mobile device then it detects this and presents the mobile version the website. The main benefit of this is its low cost and easy to use.

The downside is that you have limited functionality and you’re effectively running two websites side by side. So you need to maintain both of them. another option is to rebuild your website using a website builder tool ,that has mobile-friendly templates included. this does mean that you’re going to have to rebuild your website. I understand that however the advantage is that you haven’t then got two websites the desktop and then the mobile version. Instead of this, we can have one responsive website for all devices, that fits to every device’s screen sizes. Okay, a low-cost option but you may be restricted by the number of templates that are available as well as the hassle of rebuilding your entire website the next option is to completely rebuild your website using a pre-made.

WordPress is the world’s most popular web design tool so your future proofing your website second responsive web design is a really neat technique which allows your website to appear perfect whichever device is viewed on desktop laptop tablet or smartphone and the great thing is that you can buy affordable ready-made WordPress responsive templates and the quality is absolutely exceptional truly world-class sure you’re going to need to get a developer or a web designer to customize the template with your content your logo and your images but the costs are much lower because the template is ready-made template is typically costed in a region of 50 to 60 dollars which is exceptional value check below for details of the templates and the approximate costs for customizing finally you could always get someone to build your website for you from scratch.

If you do you’re probably looking at doubling or even tripling the costs as compared to using a template based approach it’s also going to take a lot longer you can’t be guaranteed that you’re going to like the end result as I said before though my strong recommendation is to use a ready-made WordPress template and get it customized for your business so there you go that’s how you build a mobile website if you found this video useful and you want more hints and tips to grow your online business then download our free book the website survival kit it’s totally free.

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