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JustAnDroidGeek is a online platform that offers people the opportunity to gain an unique knowledge regarding Android, its analysis, design, development and tools. You might find the terms JADG, J A D G or J-A-D-G at several areas of this website, and all of them refer to JustAnDroidGeek.


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The Person behind JustAnDroidGeek

If you are willing to know about the person behind this unique web platform, you can just find some information through the sidebar in every pages of the website.

JustAnDroidGeek is founded by Rachelle Henrietta, who is an MSE graduate from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States.

Rachelle loves sharing contents about Android, as he is himself a great enthusiast of technology, with specialization in futuristic small-width devices.

Rachelle believes you would have a good experience throughout your time in the platform.