10 Reasons Why Android is better than iOS ?

Android is a widely popular operating system developed by Google. It’s first release date was September 23, 2008. Android is basically a modified version of Linux Kernel and other open source software. iOS is also a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. iOS only can be installed on its particular hardware only. It is the world’s second most popular operating system after Android. It was first released on June 29, 2007.In this article. I am gonna look at ten reasons that explain Android operating system is better than Apple’s iOS. Feel free to share this article with your friends on social media.

1. Customization

How nice of Apple to limit you on what you can do with how your iPhone screen looks and operates no widgets or live wallpaper, you can’t remove some apps and Apple tells you which mail contacts and calendar you should be using and Safari compared to Chrome forget about it. Oh and so nice that when you plug your iPhone into your car apple carplay will let you use Google Maps or ways only Apple maps. An inferior product while pretty. iOS is limiting and linear with very few ways to customize the experience like Android offers.

2. Google Assistant

Siri may have been the first but she’s showing her age Siri has lost a lot of her luster over the years compared to other personal assistants. Google assistant on the other hand is a lot smarter of an AI companion and is also predictive instead of reactive meaning with your permission you can have Google tell you about things you may want to know before it happens like detecting traffic on your way to work before you leave home with a suggestion to leave earlier or take another route number.

3. More Apps

When it comes to apps, Apple’s walled garden approach may be more desirable than androids wild wild west .since Apple tries to weed out the bad apples for you but Google Play has come a long way over the years. in fact you’ve got access to more apps than App Store with more than two and a half million apps at Google Play compared to about two million at the App Store and 2.3 million apps out of the 2.5 are free on Google Play which is 92 percent of them a much higher percentage than the number of free iOS apps.


With Android you can download wherever you want but Apple doesn’t trust you to download iPhone apps outside of the App Store. that’s like telling you you can only buy your groceries from one supermarket well Android on the other hand lets you download from other places then Google Play such as other app stores websites even BitTorrent sites and more. You may have to enable your Android device to allow this but it’s easy enough to pull.

5. iTunes

Number five reason why Android is better than iOS. iPhone users must use iTunes bloated, complicated and restrictive software to transfer music between your iPhone and a computer oh and that’s only one way by the way you can’t copy music from an iPhone to a computer for safekeeping only the other way around to help reduce piracy presumably and you can only sync your iPhone to one computer uninstalling iTunes off a computer can be a headache. To Android on the other hand, doesn’t require iTunes and you’ve got many more choices in both downloadable and streaming music services same goes for other media like TV shows,music, games, books and more

6. Multitasking 

On an iPhone multitasking merely means you can listen to music while browsing the web. With an Android phone though you can truly multitask by having two apps open at the same time.  Android lets you mix and match to truly experience two apps at once.

7. Removable Storage

iPhone and iPad don’t let you add a microSD card, therefore whatever storage you commit to and you buy the iOS devices all you’ll ever have. With most Android phones you can pop in an inexpensive memory card into the side or back of the device to expand storage considerably. Streaming services like Spotify and Netflix as well as cloud storage services does mean that we’re not downloading as much these days but ask anyone who owns an iPhone and you’ll probably hear stories about running out of storage until you delete some items off your device to make room.8. Double Sim-card On a related note many Android phones offer a dual SIM tray so you can keep two phone numbers on the same phone. Ideal for having two lines maybe one for work and one for play or while renting a sim in another country.

9. Device Selection

Another reason why Android is better than iOS. You’ve got literally thousands of Android devices to choose from ranging in price brand size feature set and more with iPhone there’s only a couple of options available all from the same company and priced at a premium. By going with Android you’ve got a ton of choice out there. so you’re not limited in what you can buy.

10. Pre-installed Apps

Android is integrated with your favorite apps because Android is owned by Google. All of the services that you know and love are pre-installed and ready for your sign-in whether it’s Gmail Google, Calendar, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Docs, Google chrome ,Drive and more. These are likely the services you’re using anyway so it’s convenient they’re all pre-installed and ready for your single login but should you want to use another ail program or a browser or what have you you can easily do it on a related note Android offers more cloud storage Google Drive offers a full 15 gigabytes of cloud storage while iCloud only gives 5 gigs for free hardly enough for all your photos and videos and if you want to upgrade your cloud storage. Apple charges more than Google does do you.

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